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Tip #1: Use Your Damn Curly Hair Products!

We love you. But, as specialists, we spend a lot of time talking to you about proper curly hair product usage. And you spend a lot of time soaking up all that information. But then you come back two or four or eight months later… and you tell us you aren’t using your products.  We […]

Cult + King: You Dropped It, So We’re Dropping It Back

Cult and King at Kindred Curl Salon

We’re Cult + King fanatics. We carry the entire line and we’re proud of it. The brand defends the planet, supports independent salons like us and makes people look rad without poisoning them in the process. Plus, ever see hand sanitizer look more rock and roll?

Hair Detox and Damage Control with Original Moxie

Do you know what a hair detox is? You’re about to find out! Alicia D. came to us for help after her longtime DevaCurl products let her down. Like some high-profile social media influencers lately, Alicia was experiencing hair loss, scalp damage, and crunchy, tangly curls after years of DevaCurl usage.  Alicia needed damage control. […]