May 2019 Newsletter: Client Spotlight, #neverstoplearning, BUFF to the Rescue!

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#NeverStopLearning “LEARNING IS NOT ATTAINED BY CHANCE, IT MUST BE SOUGHT FOR WITH ARDOR AND ATTENDED TO WITH DILIGENCE.” ―ABIGAIL ADAMS At Kindred Curl, we believe that in the sea of options that our clients have for their hair care, one of the many reasons our salon stands out is due to our commitment to constant and consistent education.  It … Read More

April 2019 Newsletter: Multiple Day Curls & Wet Brush Myths, New Products and Client Kudos

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Multiple Day Curls: Are They A Unicorn? MYTH Awesome looking multiple-day curls are a unicorn: mythical and non-existent. TRUTH You CAN get multiple-day curls, but you need to be realistic about your expectations! There are a few things you should understand before attempting second or third day hair.  First, achieving your best style possible on day one puts you in … Read More