Curly Kid Haircuts Elevate Curl Consciousness!

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Kindred Curl Salon loves curly kid haircuts!

Yes, we love doing curly kid haircuts! When you bring your child into Kindred Curl for a specialized curl haircut, you’re raising their curl consciousness. You’re also setting your naturally curly kid up for a lifetime of curl success. Here’s why teaching your child how to care for and love the curls they’re with is one of our core values.  … Read More

3 Curly Hair Conditioner Myths Busted

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Here's how to condition your naturally curly hair

My friend, Jess Fitzpatrick, of Beyond Texture, calls it “conditioning with intention.”  To set your curls up for success, you have to know what’s best for you and sometimes it’s counter to what we *think* we’re *supposed* to do. We’ve talked about scrubbing your head like you mean it. Now let’s talk about the best ways to condition your naturally … Read More

Why You Should Scrub Your Head

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Why you should scrub your head like you mean it!

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is not scrubbing their head enough. Can you imagine if you wore the same shirt for three days and then you threw it in the wash machine on “delicate?” Here’s 5 reasons you should scrub your head like you mean it. 1. Your hair is no different than that 3-day tee shirt. … Read More

Here’s How We’re Going Full (Green) Circle Salon

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Kindred Curl Salon Pittsburgh

Did you know we’re a certified Green Circle salon? That means we actively recycle and repurpose up to 95% of our salon’s beauty waste including hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color and more. But we’re not stopping there. We want to keep pushing the boundaries of “green.” Scary fact: The beauty industry creates over 877 pounds of … Read More

Tips from a Product Connoisseur

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Can you relate to your pre-Kindred Curl life driving you to desperate Google searches? Our client Jackie Sabo says, “I’d probably be bald if it weren’t for Kindred Curl!” After a keratin treatment + highlights left her hair falling out, Jackie sought out a curly salon to help her learn to love her natural hair. Enter Kelly and Kindred Curl! … Read More

Olaplex: The Hair-Perfecter

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Olaplex curly hair treatment

    If there’s one product that acts as a grant-your-hair-wishes genie-in-a-bottle, it’s Olaplex. This bond-builder is not called a “hair-perfecter” for nothing! Different than a moisture or deep-conditioning treatment, Olaplex repairs your hair’s damaged disulfide bonds and strengthens your hair from the inside out. That strength shows up as better shine and bounce, a spring in your curl pattern, … Read More