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An Open Letter to Clients of Kindred Curl

One of the things I have always taken great pride in over the 21 years of being a salon owner is the hair care products I have chosen to carry. Being choosy became more important after we became a curly hair exclusive salon. We all know how crazy it is to find how that one tad of product can literally change your life outlook daily.
There are many factors in choosing what ultimately lands on our shelves. Some of those factors include, quality of ingredients, cost, ease of use, results, the heart of the company, how they treat us and the ease of ordering and working with them.
For a small salon we have a retail percentage far higher than most average salons this means we order a buttload of haircare products and need to order frequently and deal
with our distributors often. Trust me when I say, even though a line is on our shelves know that some companies treat us and you way better than others.
We are deeply saddened to share the recent news that we received out of the blue. It rocked our world, not in a good way.
Briogeo has dropped us as a client.
Like I said I have been around for a long time and dealt with a lot of companies. Most companies want to sell their products and keep it on our shelves. We aren’t the only ones experiencing this cut from Briogeo. It is not like they have changed what they are “doing/making” or what kind of business they are. Who knows what their deal is? It’s a bit bizarre, I guess we really don’t need to understand.
I will be the first to say that we all need to evolve and change. Change can sure suck though. Onward and upward.
We will find the wind in our sails with a new line soon or maybe multiple lines. Our curls will continue to POP. Those that know us know that we never sit idle for very long.
We have already started to discount the line for those of you who don’t feel like you can go without. Please take advantage and stock up.
We truly love and appreciate your support. As a small business your purchases continue to let us bring top quality service, products, and education to you.  Remember each purchase helps to support the women and their families that are the heart of Kindred Curl. If you still need a Briogeo product after we run out, I trust you are smart enough to find it yourself. We wish them all the success in the future.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding while we work through this matter.
Namacray our friends,
Kelly, Danielle and Janaya
Team Kindred Curl

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