Why The Kindred Curl Cut Is Your Ideal Curly Haircut

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Sometimes, when clients sit down in my chair, they’ll ask for a specific curly haircut. Maybe it’s a “Rezocut,” a “DevaCut,” a “Curl by Curl” cut, a “Head Shape Matters” cut, or Joe Miguel’s “Precision Curl Cut.” But the “Kindred Curl Cut” is the ideal haircut for one reason: YOU! Here’s how we take the best of all of these … Read More

We’re Open: New Covid Protocols

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Kindred Curl Salon

We are so happy to be back open. We missed you and welcome you back to your curl journey! If you’re new to Kindred Curl, we can’t wait to meet you. We take your safety – and ours – beyond seriously, and we always have. Covid protocols are subject to change as we keep an eye on the science. And … Read More

We Now Carry K18 Hair Repair Treatment!

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K18 Hair Repair

Kindred Curl Salon now carries K18 Hair Repair! K18 Biometric Hairscience products reverse damage in just 4 minutes with a promise: “Hair like new, no matter what you put it through.” And we’ve put our hair through a lot, haven’t we? The K18 peptide mimics the genome of human hair. It restores broken keratin chains and disulfide bonds broken through … Read More

Are predictable curls possible? They are!

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How to get predictable curls

Have you seen the TikTok where a curl friend acts out a convo with someone who says “I love your hair, you should wear it like that all the time”… and she says back to herself, “I have no control over this. No two days are the same. You never know what you’re going to wake up with.” I totally … Read More

4 ways to the perfect curly wedding hair

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Get the perfect curly wedding hair

Tis the season to say “I Do” and that means we’re talking a lot about curly wedding hair in the salon. We may be impartial, but we think there’s nothing more elegant and beautiful than to see a bride or groom wear their curls in full glory on their wedding day. With everything going on the day of, your curls … Read More

How to: Arrive and thrive at your first curly haircut

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So, you just completed our New Client Get To Know You Form and you totally can’t wait for your first appointment and curly haircut. There are a few things you need to know now, ahead of time, to make sure you – and your curls – get the most out of your appointment. You’re coming to us to learn how … Read More

Goodbye 2020, Grieving and Gratitude

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Kindred Curl Salon

Hindsight is soooo 2020. Goodbye 2020, you can bite me. Let’s take the good from what we can in 2020 and grieve the rest. A lot of things sucked, but on the flip side, not everything sucked. I’m trying to look at everything as “falling together” rather than “falling apart.” Normally, my spin on things is positive. But I can’t … Read More

Pennsylvania to Queensland: I Love the Curl Artists I’m With

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From Pennsylvania to Queensland, Australia, I love the curl artists I’m with! Curl specialist Amanda Rickman and her husband Peter, run multiple salons and a training academy. In fact, Purely Curls is Queensland’s first “curls only” salon.  Amanda and I met years ago through Curly Hair Artistry. Throughout the years, Amanda and I have reunited to train with other curl … Read More

Tip #1: Use Your Damn Curly Hair Products!

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We love you. But, as specialists, we spend a lot of time talking to you about proper curly hair product usage. And you spend a lot of time soaking up all that information. But then you come back two or four or eight months later… and you tell us you aren’t using your products.  We hear it all. The. Time. … Read More

Here’s How We’re Going Full (Green) Circle Salon

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Kindred Curl Salon Pittsburgh

Did you know we’re a certified Green Circle salon? That means we actively recycle and repurpose up to 95% of our salon’s beauty waste including hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color and more. But we’re not stopping there. We want to keep pushing the boundaries of “green.” Scary fact: The beauty industry creates over 877 pounds of … Read More