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Is Silicone Bad For My Curls? Definitely! Here’s 3 Reasons Why!

Is silicone bad for my curls? Silicone can weigh curly hair down and reduce body and volume

It’s Earth Month AND my apprentice is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we use on our body, and in our hair, and how it affects our planet and our health. My clients ask me all the time “Is silicone bad for my curls?” and the answer is a big fat yes.

In October, Jared, the founder of Cult + King, wrote about we he called “The Silicone Delusion.” His words grabbed me:

“Silicones are pervasive in our industry, and everyone seems addicted. It’s in styling products, shampoos, conditioners, co-washes, lipsticks, mascaras, lotions, and more. While manufacturers claim silicones are natural since they derive from silica (similar to sand), they undergo extensive processing with petrochemicals. The plastics industry even classifies silicones as a “synthetic rubber.” That doesn’t sound particularly natural to us.” ~ Jared, Founder CULT + KING
An image of healthy curls at our curly hair salon in Pittsvurgh, Pennsylvania.

Is silicone bad for my curls? The answer is often in your touch. That’s because you can usually feel what silicone does to your curly, coily and wavy hair. Your hair is literally telling you through your fingers. So you can feel the answer to that question, but it’s important for you to understand why silicone affects curly hair the way it does. Here’s three reasons why silicone is bad for your curls and why this specialized curly hair salon believes in real products, made from real ingredients that won’t hurt your hair, or your body.

#1: Silicone Creates Buildup and Weighs Hair Down

Those of us with fine curls, thin curls and even wavy hair get this. Silicone literally forms a coating on the hair shaft. It’s the accumulation of that coating that leads to product buildup, and it’s the buildup that weighs down curls. When curls are heavy, they lose their natural bounce and volume. That coating is also what provides the false shine and luxuriousness you may feel at the end of a salon visit, that is, a visit to a non-clean salon. If you’ve ever had a blowout and loved it, you never thought about asking “Is silicone bad for my curls?” until a few days later when your hair started feeling heavy or greasy, or suddenly brittle.

#2: Silicone Leads to Lack of Moisture

Silicone forms a coating on the hair shaft (it’s often that coating that gives a false feeling of smoothness, too!). That coating is a barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating. Those of us with curly hair know this one thing to be true: Curly hair requires more moisture than straight hair to maintain its health and definition! And when curly hair lacks moisture, dryness, frizz and breakage happen. Is silicone bad for my curls? Heck yes it is, because silicone doesn’t allow your hair to drink up moisture and nutrients. It’s constantly thirsty with continued silicone use.

#3: Silicone Masks Hair Damage

Still asking yourself “is silicone bad for my curls? Yes it is, because it’s a quick (and temporary) fix. Silicone provides a temporary illusion of smoothness and shine. The accumulation of product buildup and that false feeling of smoothness masks underlying hair damage by coating your strands. Continued use of silicones will prevent proper assessment and treatment of hair issues, too. This is why all new clients must undergo a detox period before your first appointment here at Kindred Curl Salon. You literally have to break up with silicone before you sit in my chair. That time off of silicone cleanses hair of buildup and accumulation so by the time you come in to see me, I can see, and feel, your hair in its natural state, and then accurately diagnose any damage and the healthiest, safest, quickest way to recover from that damage. It also makes for a better haircut, as silicone is not blocking the movement of your curls.

Is silicone bad for my curls? Yes! But There Are Better Products Out There!

There are many reasons to avoid silicone in your curly hair routine, but our top three are these: Silicone creates buildup and weighs down your beautiful curls. It blocks moisture from entering the hair shaft, resulting in dull, dry, lifeless curls, dreaded frizz and zero definition. And silicone hides hair damage, smoothing it all over with, yes “synthetic rubber.” That’s not how curls thrive. That’s how they suffocate.

The answer? Opt for silicone-free curl products for healthier, bouncier, juicier more vibrant curls. And we make it easy, as 99.99% of the specialty curated curl lines we carry in salon are silicone free and tested by us to make sure they are perfect for you and your curls. Lines like Innersense Organic Beauty, which uses aloe vera, olive oil and shea butter, among so many other plant-derived ingredients, to deliver nourishment and shine.

And our beloved line, CULT + KING, uses Linden Bud Extract to seal the hair cuticle in its JELLY and STYLE products, two of our faves. So you’re getting real results, on real, healthy hair. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Or in our case, why we tell silicone to hit the road!

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