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Thank you for choosing Kindred Curl, our team looks forward to being a part of your curl journey.

Our mission is to embrace people of all cultures in a happy and fun environment, teaching them how to achieve their best and healthiest curls. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve found the place for you! In order to make sure we are on the same page and we are the right fit for you, we would like you to take a few moments and fill this form out to the best of your ability, in its entirety. The more information we have about your curls and your curl story, the better prepared we are to give you the best New Kindred Curl Success Experience possible. Our Kindred Curl Hair Cuts are meant to be worn curly and will not look its best when straightened. We encourage our clients to embrace their natural curly hair.

The best way to get an appointment is to fill out our “Get to Know You” form. Once we receive the form we will call you to reserve your appointment or reserve a place on our waiting list. Please note that a credit card is required to secure the reservation or your place on the waiting list. We accept all major credit cards excluding American Express.

What To Expect – (your first appointment)

Kindred Curl Custom Curly Haircut appointments take, on average, about an hour and a half to two hours. Your appointment will include:
• Before & After Photos (only used publicly with your permission)
• Personalized Consultation
• Dry Custom Curly Haircut
• Start to Finish Hands -On Styling Lesson using Kindred Curls Product Application Method
• Customized Curly Hair Care Product Recommendations
• Optimal Maintenance Recommendations
• Take Home Customized Curly Hair Success Booklet

(Yes, there really is a lot to cover.)

How to prepare for your appointment 

All clients must arrive at the salon with hair that is 100% dry, within one-day of being washed and styled with products to enhance the curl. We want to see how you achieve your best curls with your current products and methods. Please do not use or wear bobby pins, ponytails, headbands, rubber bands, hats, clips or anything else that will leave dents, marks or change your curl pattern in any way. Excessive snarls, product buildup or hair that has been styled that alters or stretches out the curl pattern may require an additional pre-service or re-booked for a later appointment. 

Two weeks prior to your appointment, we ask that you stop using any products with silicones, butters or oils in them (including coconut oil).  Please do not use anything that contains silicones, petroleum, lanolin, butters and/or oils.  For example: Shea Moisture, Cantu, Camille Rose, Pantene, As I Am (really to many to list them all).  If you use these types of products, please perform a detox 3-4 times at home to remove the buildup that is likely on your hair. These products tend to excessively coat the hair and mask the your curls spring factor.  We recommend Mailbu Un-Do-Go or Deva Build-Up Buster as clarifiers. We sell them in salon or you can call to order if you would like. 

Salon Information and Policies

Cancellation Policy

A 72 hour notice is required for any schedule changes or cancellations. If notice is provided in less than 72 hours, you will be charged 50% of the scheduled services. If you do not show up for an appointment without notification, you will be charged 100% of the scheduled services. Should you require to be rebooked due to the condition of your hair, you will be expected to pay for the scheduled services of your original appointment. Charges will be placed on the credit card given at the time of booking. If the card on file is expired, you will be invoiced and expected to pay within 72 hours.

Salon Information

Cash & checks are preferred but all major credit/debit cards are gladly accepted, excluding American Express. The fees for debit and credit cards are crazy. 

We love helping parents and children embrace their curly hair! Children are welcome if they have an appointment, otherwise please leave them at home to enjoy playtime. The hands-on learning experience requires your full attention as well as your stylist. Adhering to this policy makes certain everyone, including you and other customers of Kindred Curl., receive the most from their Custom Curly Haircut appointment.

It is greatly appreciated that you set your cell phone ringer on vibrate/silent during your appointment.

Please note: There are two cats (Helix & Xiao) and a dog (Daxton Harry) on the premises at all times. All breeds are meant to be as hypoallergenic as possible as our team has allergies too! The animals are very friendly and have been raised in a salon environment, however if you have an aversion to animals please let us know and we will place them behind closed doors during your appointment time.


Team Kindred Curl welcomes any questions!
Please call us at 412.798.CURL (412-798-2875) and we will be happy to help you!

We need to know we are all on the same page, we can't wait to meet you. Have you read our salon information and policies?*
YesNo (If your answer is no, please refer to the information above.)

Contact Information

About Your Curls

What is your natural hair texture?*
StraightSlightly WavyWavyCurlySuper CurlyKinkyFrizzyOther

What is the density of your hair?*
ThinAverageThickMore than I know what to do with!

What is the length of your hair?*
Short (above shoulders when dry)Medium (above bra strap)Long (Below bra strap but above waist when dry)Extra Long (at waist or longer when dry)

Do you straighten your hair?
NoYes (if so, how often?):

Please select any of the following chemical hair services you've received within the past four years.(On average, hair grows 1/2 inch per month. Chemical and color services performed several years ago can still affect the health and integrity of your hair)  

Highlights or LowlightsAll over ColorChemical Relaxing or StraighteningPermConditioning TreatmentsKeratin TreatmentOther:

Do you currently have any breakage, thinning areas, or bald spots? If yes, where?
NoYes (Where):

Have you ever had an adverse reaction to products, treatments, or chemicals used on your skin or scalp? 
NoYes (Describe in Detail):

On average, how often do you cleanse and condition your hair?*
DailyThree Times per weekTwice per weekOnce per weekOther (please explain)

Are you willing to switch products?*
YesNo (Please Explain):

Do you prefer organic/green products?*

Are you willing to learn new techniques?*
YesNo (Please Explain):

What tools do you use at home to style your hair? Select all that apply.*
BlowdryerRound BrushDiffuserFlat IronCurling IronWet BrushNONE of the above/Other (please explain):

What services are you looking to enjoy? Select all that apply.*
Curly Hair Success ExperienceSingle Process ColorHighlights/LowlightsOlaplex TreatmentConditioning Treatment

Have you heard of Olaplex? Olaplex is best for everyone- Strengthens like nothing else, on the molecular level from the inside out.

Are you a licensed beauty professional or do you know someone who is?

Do you know someone else who would be interested in becoming a licensed professional or learning about other careers in the beauty industry? We are always searching for new talent!

*****Be sure to submit current pictures of your hair in its curly/wavy state (front, side & back). You can capture a selfie next to a mirror for a front/back combo and also of the side. Nothing fancy. You may also wish to include pictures of a curly style that you would like to achieve.

Maximum image size is 8MB.

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