Kindred Curl Testimonials

I spent the better part of half a century fighting my curls.  I blew them out, put hot rollers in and brushed it out.  I got perms.  I never really liked the way my hair looked.  I finally gave up, stopped doing anything but washing and letting it air dry.  It looked somewhat better but still not good.  Then I found a website talking about naturally curly hair and found it had salons listed.  That’s how I found Kindred Curl.  My curls are amazing now and I owe it to Kelly and her team.  The cut is fantastic - no questions.  However, the cut is not the best part of the experience.  I was taught how to deal with my curls.  I was shown products to use.  I was given samples of products that might help.  The entire team is always available via phone, e-mail and/or Facebook to answer questions, suggest solutions and help in any way they can. I’m not a girly-girl.  I never imagined myself having a favorite salon and considering the staff there to be actual friends.  I always figured you got your hair cut and that was the end.  My relationships with Kelly and the entire team have been a fantastic surprise.  I rarely go a week without a perfect stranger complimenting me on my hair.  I can be in line at the bank, the DMV, the grocery store or simply sitting at my desk at work - someone is going to ask if my hair is naturally curly and then tell me how beautiful it is.  I cannot say enough good things about Kindred Curl.  I actually look forward to going to the salon and that is a HUGE change.
Dorothy Koger
Kindred Curl is a life changing experience every time I go! Kelly & her team are always educating themselves on how to care for curls whether for cutting, coloring, or styling. And because they are constantly learning so am I! Receiving the proper cut from Kelly and her teaching me the techniques of how to care for my natural curls was the best thing ever!  She has given me so much more confidence. Kindred Curl turns ordinary curls into extraordinary curls! Go curly friends! You won’t regret it! #teamkindredcurl  
Joy Spagnola
I have been a long time customer at Kindred Curl.  I have had the pleasure of watching this salon evolve and grow to a Curly Salon.  The atmosphere makes you feel like you are among family.  The team at Kindred Curl really does complement each other to give you a great salon experience.  I by no means ever would have thought I was a Curly Girl.  Kelly showed me that I am a S’wavy Girl!!!!  I have learned through her vast knowledge how to get my s’wavy curls look their best without even using any type of curling iron.  The products that they use really do make a difference in getting your hair to look it’s best.  If you have any type of a curl to your hair and are not going to see these ladies you are doing a disservice to your curls.  Let them help you get those curls in shape.
Michelle Ray

Kindred Curl is the only place I trust to make my curly hair look and feel the best it can possibly be. Thanks to them, I have all the products and techniques I need to get great hair at home, too! Everyone there is kind, honest, and incredibly knowledgeable, not to mention the absolute best at what they do. Thanks to Kindred Curl, I finally feel confident in my curls!
Carly Hyland

Kindred Curl is THE place for curly hair care in the Pittsburgh area. I found Kelly and Kindred Curl after researching curly hair care six years ago. I chose Kelly for my first curly cut because she only focuses on curly hair. I was a little apprehensive about having my hair cut using dry cutting techniques, but I was thrilled with the much so that now I refuse to have my hair cut anywhere else. In fact, I make the 45 mile drive to see Kelly several times a year. Kelly is constantly researching the latest and greatest curly hair cutting and care techniques, and only sells products that she truly believes in. Each visit to Kindred Curl provides me with new product recommendations and styling techniques to experiment with. Before visiting Kelly at Kindred Curl I walked into each haircut with a sense of dread. Now, I don’t ever have to worry because I know that I am in great hands at Kindred Curl!

Emily Dingfelder
It took 20 years for me to get to Kindred Curl.  For years I had different salons try to manage my curls that didn’t specialize in curly hair nor had the education and experience of how to manage and achieve beautiful locks of curls.  I always thought my curls were frizzy, not pretty, and really just a pain for me.  I wanted to straighten my hair and give up.  Don’t give up on your curls. They are just waiting for Kindred Curl to revive them!  There are no other salons out there. I can’t believe how much my hair has transformed in just a few months.  I travel almost 2 hours for each appointment because no one else will ever cut and style my hair again. There’s a science behind their craft.  These ladies attend workshops and trainings all over to stay ahead of trends and healthy curls. Look no further. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Get to this salon. You will be so happy you did. It will change your life.
Jennifer Thomas

It is with great pleasure that I write this review so that fellow curlies can have the vote of confidence they need to choose Kindred Curl for their hair advocate.   If you're reading this review, that means you likely need some convincing that this webpage represents a salon that will be different from what you're used to.  You feel like you need to read as many people who tell you this salon is great because you're worried that scheduling an appointment at Kindred Curl is going to be just one more "expensive haircut" that results in "triangle head" or "frizz like cotton candy"...or....fill in the blank for assumptions you have or hair traumas from your past....(Hey you! I know you!  I was you!).  It's time to choose Kindred Curl.  It's time you choose a team that cares SO much about how they care for your hair that the team goes to MULTIPLE trainings PER YEAR to get the most up to date education on how to cut and color curls, the newest products and technology to care for curls as well as classes on how to run a successful business (yes, that's important to you and your hair too!).  It's time you choose a team to care for your hair who are not only artists, but scientists; you would be BLOWN AWAY to know how much information goes into caring for and understanding hair.  Yes, your cut and color and product will likely cost more than you're used to.  Yes, your appointment is likely going to take longer than what you've become accustomed to.  Yes, you'll need to change some things you think you know about hair, change your routine, change your thought process.   But if you're tired of complaining, tired of "just dealing with" your hair, tired of your frustrating morning routine where you end up pulling your hair up in a pony tail huffing and puffing (I told you, I know you, I was you!!)...then put your trust in Kindred Curl.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right?  Well, stop doing the same thing in and out of the shower - using the same wrong products - going to the same person who thinks they know your hair and maybe read a few articles on curly hair or MAYBE went to ONE curl education class.  Give Kindred Curl your WHOLE trust and your head of hair, you will be rewarded.  Caring for yourself/your beauty can seem selfish or superficial; I don't care who you are, what you are.....when your day starts with frustration as you look in the mirror, that day is already starting out at a deficit that you have to work to overcome.  The Kindred Curl will show you how to accept and embrace the hair you were given, and how to care for it to make it look its best; the Kindred Curl will help you care for and cultivate your beauty.  And if this novella I just wrote didn't convince you.....she has the most amazing golden doodle curly haired dog "Dax" who sometimes wears doggy sunglasses and he will love you so hard when you walk in for your appointment.  So...there.  For one reason or another, you can't NOT go now!

Tara Conaway