Kelly is an artist and Victoria is a wise colorist. It’s more than hair in Kelly’s salon, it’s filled with creative energy and inspiration, and it is wonderful to have found a service that is offered by someone who is passionate about her work. I am IN LOVE with my hair! It feels good, I feel good, I’m excited to see how it grows and to play with it! I am beyond happy with everything. Kelly used her skills and talent to cut my hair, and it looks amazing. I love that she talked with me and took the time to consider my curls systemically: lifestyle, preferences, products, routine, etc. If you have curls, even weird ones like mine that are straight in some places and kinky in others, she gets it. Victoria talked me through my color plans and did an outstanding job actualizing the ideal. Kelly Elaine is a gem! I never thought I would love my hair again…I do!!!

Dani M.

I’ve been going to Kelly for my fine, curly/wavy hair for nearly two years. I have lived in and traveled to many places and had tried in every city to get a cut that wouldn’t require a blow out and rollers and irons to get it to look good. I spent hundreds at a Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco, only to get another blowout! A friend of mine suggested I read the book Curly Girl and my life has changed. From their website I found Kelly, and I drive over an hour one way just to have her cut and color my hair. She is able to utilize my natural hair to its best advantage and finally it looks great. I get compliments all the time. I also use the whole line of DevaCurl products, which are amazing.

Last fall, I couldn’t get my schedule to work out and didn’t have time to make the drive to Penn Hills, so I went to another very highly rated salon nearer to my house but continued to use the DevaCurl products. After a few months of ‘regular’ cuts, my hair began to look, well, haggard. After Kelly re-cut my hair it was immediately back to its normal, wavy/curly self. I’ve had to bite a big chunk out of my day every 6 weeks to go back to Kelly, but holy cow is it worth it! I can’t live without her!

Tina J.

I have 3c/4a type hair, and like many naturals I’ve learned how to take care of my own hair, so I was very reluctant to let anyone touch my hair. I heard a lot about Kelly Elaine Inc. so I gave it a chance. Victoria was amazing!! She talked to me about what I wanted from the beginning, and understood that I was already well informed about my hair. She was VERY enthusiastic about cutting my hair, she just loved touching each of the curls, and talked about how cutting curly hair was something she loved to do. It really showed. I got a major curly cut, and the Pintura highlights. She was so patient. and I loved my hair afterward. Even now, months after the cut my hair looks amazing. The color is still there and I have beautiful shape! I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the Deva curl hair products at all, but I am a satisfied customer. I trust both the women with my hair, hands down. Both Kelly and Victoria are absolutely fantastic stylists, with a very down-to-earth shop. You feel welcomed and they do what they can to make sure you’re comfortable. I’m definitely going back for all of my hair needs!!

Sam H.

There is NO OTHER stylist in Pittsburgh who has training like Kelly and Victoria. Not only do they have multiple certificates of training, they’re constantly researching new product lines for us, AND they have an artistic eye – a crucial 3rd aspect to this. You can’t just be good with curly hair…you must know it – inside and out – like an artist knows their canvas! They are true masters.
PLUS they’ll customize your styling routine for not only your hair, but your lifestyle!
Us curly girls have baggage – you know we do – and they’re also skilled with dealing with that.
Sit back, have a glass of wine, talk hair like it’s the most important thing ever, and enjoy your shiny locks. It WILL make you feel better to know that you have SOME control over your hair.
GO TO KELLY ELAINE INC! Run, don’t walk.

Tara C.

I had a dream last night that I lost my curly hair. Woke up one morning and it was straight. I was devastated. I take this as evidence that I have finally fully embraced and accepted it! (I wanted to share it somewhere, this seemed like the one place people would ‘get’ it!) It only took about 16 years . . .And while I have been off/on wearing it curly for 8 of those years, Kelly has played a big role in helping me to love it in just the year that I’ve known her! (It really is amazing what attention to your real hair does. Never again a straight cut. Never again “sure, I suppose you can use that silicone-filled product that you use for everyone else even though I told you I avoid them.” “Sure you can straighten it since you like the way it looks.” Never again.)

Shauna F.

Victoria is wonderful. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. She discussed my wishes with me before cutting my hair. Then she explained each step along the way. Along with Kelly, she made me appreciate my curls and feel good about my new hairstyle. She continues to be available to answer my questions and has always returned my email questions promptly. I highly recommend Victoria and Kelly Elaine, Inc.

Sandy B.

During one year of working with Kelly I’ve gone from having very damaged straightened hair to beautiful, healthy curls that I get compliments on daily. I use the products, which are expensive but worth it to me for the results that I’m getting. The prices for the Deva Cut are higher than a regular haircut in Pittsburgh but she doesn’t cut it as often as a regular stylist would – I go about 4 months between cuts, so the price balances out.
Kelly & Victoria have also done wonders with my color; I’m truly happy with it for the first time in years. They spent a long time with me, collaborating on just the right complicated mix of colors to achieve the look that I wanted. She also offered me an innovative natural treatment to remove dark color from my hair which was much less drying than stripping it out conventionally.
The prices here may be high than some salons, but I’m getting whit I pay for. She and Victoria have had extensive training & continue to update it in NYC; that costs money but is an investment in being experts at working with curly hair. They customize my color. They work with me to make sure I get appointments when I need them. And going to the salon is a very casual, enjoyable experience. What more could I ask for?

Denise O.

Kelly gave me an excellent cut that left my curls defined and beautiful. She demonstrated a custom styling routine that taught me how to take care of my curls so they will be frizz free and gorgeous. She used products that my hair loved. I have always struggled with my frizzy wild hair. With Kelly’s expert cut and styling lesson, my hair is looking great.

Maryann M.

As a mother of nine, I often look for ways to save money. One way I’ve saved is by learning to cut hair. I usually cut the hair of everyone in my family, including my own. For the most part, I do a pretty good job, but I met my match with one of my curly haired daughters. When this particular daughter was around ten or eleven years old, her hair started becoming unruly, or so we thought. After some time we realized that her hair was actually quite curly, and simply needed to be treated differently than her straight-haired sisters. Determined to learn what to do with my daughter’s thick, waist-length 3a curls, I began reading up on the subject.
I spent some time on the Naturally Curly website, bought the Curly Girl handbook, watched videos, experimented with different styling regimes and tried a variety of hair products both expensive and frugal. By the end of summer when my daughter was eleven, we had some great success making more of her curls, but just as I thought we had a routine down-pat, the weather changed on us, sending her hair into a tizzy… Back to square one! It’s been quite a learning curve for this barely-wavy haired momma. We needed some help!
After searching the Naturally Curly database to find a salon that specializes in curly hair, I heard about Kelly. She had glowing reviews, and was within an hour’s drive of us. She’s expensive, at least for us who typically pay nothing for haircuts, but I felt the cost could be justified. The splurge seemed worth it, because we don’t spend money on anyone else’s haircuts, we could learn a lot from her, and as my daughter was coming up on her twelfth birthday, it was a special occasion. So how did it turn out? Kelly was absolutely wonderful. As a mom who wanted to help my daughter learn to manage her hair, I asked if I could come back with them to watch the cut and style. Instead of looking at me funny at this request, Kelly welcomed me. She honored our wishes with what we did and did not want done, while making her recommendations for what she felt would be best. She explained everything she did, why and how, even to the point of having us feel my daughter’s hair during various stages of the cleansing routine to see how much conditioner should be used. She demonstrated a love of her job and enthusiasm for my daughter’s hair that I appreciated very much. My daughter came out two hours later with a stunning haircut and bouncy natural curls, and we both left well-educated in how to do the same at home. Expensive? I suppose. Well-worth every penny? Absolutely! Thank you, Kelly!

Michelle K.

I am almost 30 years old and before my Deva Cut with Kelly, I’d never had a haircut that I was happy with. “Regular” hair stylists just had no idea how to deal with my curly hair, and they always acted like they were doing me a favor by blow-drying it straight! I don’t think I ever left a salon truly happy, and I usually went right home to wash and style my hair the way I liked it.
Not only was I very lucky to find Kelly, but I was lucky she understood my urgent need for a Deva cut! I live in Europe now and can never find anyone to cut my hair. I was only in Pittsburgh for a few days, and when I called…Kelly was booked solid, but she stayed open late on a Friday to accommodate me! I’m SO glad she did!
After getting my Deva Cut by Kelly, I was all smiles and couldn’t wait to show my mom my new haircut! What a new (and great) feeling! The Deva products are amazing, I will never use anything else again. It was so nice to get rid of the 20+ bottles of hair product that I owned. The 3 step has transformed my curls AND my bathroom counter!
My hair has never looked as good as it does now. It’s been over one month and my curls still have so much volume and bounce! I also have more curls than ever before…and they are the really cute corkscrew ones that usually only formed underneath my hair where no one could see them! And even after a swim in the salty ocean, the Deva products made my curls dry beautifully without even applying additional product!
Kelly is fabulous, and I will be stopping in for a haircut every time I’m in town. I’m not sure how many people travel 4,000+ miles for a haircut, but now I do! Thanks, Kelly!

Donna P.

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