Kelly- Owner, Curl Advocate

After going to college a few years, obtaining her Cosmetology and Cosmetology Teaching/Managers license Kelly went back to school to finish either finish a bachelor’s degree or buy a hair salon. Well I think you all can guess what came first. But she did finish a Liberal Arts Associates degree somewhere in that time too. Kelly has been a licensed Cosmetology teacher for over 20 years and a salon owner for almost 17 years now.

Approximate 2010 Kelly found a bottle of Set it Free from DevaCurl in her local supply store. After a few months of using it she finally went to the Google worm hole and found the naturally curly world and the DevaCurl way of cutting and styling curly hair.

Finding the DevaCurl way fulfilled a longing that had developed inside Kelly after working in the industry for a while. Being an artist first and foremost always felt there was a different way of looking at hair and especially curls. The fire really began to burn inside and Kelly found a way to get to New York for her first DevaCurl Architecture class. Kelly has only looked toward the future and has attended many classes and continues her education in the curly hair industry.

As mentioned Kelly is an artist, hair isn’t her only medium. Kelly also loves photography, painting, crafting and gardening. She just recently finished Graffiti Curl Art installation for her salon.

When you book your appointment give yourself a few extra minutes to check out what’s going on in the salon. You will most likely be surprised.

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