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Why You'll Love Us

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Kindred Curl is Pittsburgh’s expert curly-hair salon experience… and we are friendly, authentic, and fun! 

You should know: 

Our curly cuts are transformative. We cut dry, curl by curl, with unmatched attention to detail. Get ready to leave your curly self-hatred behind. It’s “just a haircut” but we know your hair and how you feel about it can impact so much. When you put your curls in our care, we repay your trust by putting you on the path to healthier, bolder, more beautiful, more confident hair. 

We’ve got the skills. All of our education goes into your cut. We use multiple techniques, our artistic eye, and your wants and needs to tailor your custom curly cut to your head shape, curl type, and style preferences. We are not practicing our skills on you, we are perfecting them.  

We’ve got servants’ hearts. We serve our clients with cheerfulness, gratitude, and a willingness to please. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we are committed to making it right. 

Kindred Curl grew out of owner Kelly Anker’s “internet spiral” (aka Google rabbit hole) one night, over 10 years ago; already an established stylist and salon owner since 1997, Kelly was searching out information on curly hair cutting and dry cutting when she stumbled upon a whole new curly world! She felt her calling…well, CALLING, since that moment, and she’s been pursuing curly excellence ever since. 

We’re experienced but we keep things fresh. Our salon has the longevity and smoothness of an established business, combined with the freshness of a young (and young-at-heart) staff that consistently infused with education and inspiration. 

At Kindred Curl, we work as a team. We want you to be free of the sales pressure typical to the old salon business model and we know that a more relaxed team makes for superior service. We make the dream work by paying our staff a fair living wage and offering a healthy work-life balance and a happy work environment.

Kindred Curl is committed to diversity and inclusivity. This isn’t just a party line, it’s our heart: the full spectrum of curls and their people are ALL are welcome!

We use organic products first and whenever possible. We love the Earth and we do our best to be conscious and realistic about what we can do to help our clients and the planet.

We also love animals. When you walk through our doors, you might be greeted by our salon dogs, Dax and Fifi, or our majestic salon cat, Helix. If you love animals, too, you can enjoy dog and/or cat cuddles while you get your hair done. If you don’t, just give us a heads-up, and we will relocate them to their atelier during your appointment.  

We know you have so many choices for where to get your hair done, but we know you’ll love a salon where, after just one visit, everybody knows your name, your waves/curls/coils/kinks…and your quirks. We’re here to make you look and feel good. 

Thanks for choosing Kindred Curl and showing your curls (and yourself) some love!