Why The Kindred Curl Cut Is Your Ideal Curly Haircut

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Sometimes, when clients sit down in my chair, they’ll ask for a specific curly haircut. Maybe it’s a “Rezocut,” a “DevaCut,” a “Curl by Curl” cut, a “Head Shape Matters” cut, or Joe Miguel’s “Precision Curl Cut.” But the “Kindred Curl Cut” is the ideal haircut for one reason: YOU! Here’s how we take the best of all of these naturally curly haircuts and uniquely tailor them to your curly hair type and lifestyle.

The Kindred Curl Cut

Professionally executed by a curly hair specialist, all of those curly haircuts mentioned above are beautiful. Whether you’re going for curly hair with bangs, long curly hair, curly hair in layers or yes, even that curly mullet, each curl-specific haircut has a different technique, and lots of training behind it. And, all of those Instagram-perfect curly haircuts and curly hairstyles have finish work that goes into them. That makes a difference in the pictures clients bring in or pull up on their phones. 

Yes, we all want photo-ready natural curls. But, often we don’t want to put in the work to get them. Or maintain them.

If you’re a naturally curly client in my chair for the first time, you’ll receive a thorough consultation. My honest, realistic expectations are included as we discuss what’s truly practical for you, your curly hair type, and your lifestyle. Then, if you want a specific curly haircut cutting technique, I will, of course, provide it. (I am certified in all of them, after all!).

But I also tell my clients that I am my *own* artist: A curly hair specialist and a professional. I’ll take all of this into play and then create what I call the “Kindred Curl Cut.” My curly haircut may be inspired by the Rezo, Deva and Precision Curl Cuts you’re crushing on, but it’s uniquely suited to you, your unique curl type and curl pattern, your lifestyle and the work you’re willing to put into your natural curls and texture.

A Curly Haircut Designed For You

If you come in wanting a specific curly haircut technique, I will give you realistic explanations of what I am going to do based on those requests. The best part of a Kindred Curl Cut? It’s a personalized, precision curly haircut that gives back to you everything that you put into it.