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Easy curly hair comes with instinct and practice!

What does “easy curly hair” mean to you? If you’re a new client, you may come to me and say “I want something easy.” We’re launching your curl journey, we’re at the dawn of your curl education, and your instincts aren’t there yet. You’re often clueless when it comes to your natural curls (that’s totally okay and why I’m here!), but you want something “easy.”

Easy-er curly hair comes with practice and instinct. Here’s why.

All Curls are Not Created Equal!

When I break down everything that I need to do for my hair, even though I have fine curls, people are amazed at what I actually need to do and the amount of work that comes into play.

People with thicker, tighter curl or coily hair may take more time on their actual wash day, but their actual length of the style lasts longer than the results I get on my hair with my routine. That’s because of texture and density. So when you look at someone with finer, thinner hair, their routine can take just as long as heavier textured and oily hair, it’s the duration of the style that changes.

“Wash and Go” is Misleading

Do you think “wash and go” and “easy curly hair” are synonymous? They’re not, and the term wash and go is super misleading. It should be “wash and define” (that’s a whole other blog!). Those of us with curly hair can’t wash and run out the door. We have to condition, detangle, seal, style… and, well, now you see my trouble with the term.

Relearning the Basics

New clients can be easily overwhelmed. There’s a ton of new info: We educate you about your curl type. Teach you what to do and give you your personalized curl care booklets. You can be upside down at the shampoo bowl or have your hands in the sink and I can see the panic in your eyes: “Oh my gosh, how many times am I going to have to do this?” “Am I doing this right?” 

As a curl specialist, I try to provide realistic expectations. I tell you it’s difficult to learn something new. And it’s more difficult to learn something we think we should know how to do. Washing our hair is familiar, right? Everyone knows how to do it… right?

Truth is, as naturally curly people, we think we know how to wash our hair. We think we know how to style it, but actually, we do not. We don’t scrub our scalps, we don’t “feel” our conditioner, we don’t do a lot of the things we need to do with naturally textured hair.

Developing Your Curly Hair Instinct Leads to Easy Curly Hair!

So yes, I get the panic in your eyes as a new client. All you wanted was easy curly hair, right? When I break all of this down, step by step, and show you the best way to love the curls you’re with, it can indeed seem difficult, and even daunting.

But I promise you, if you keep practicing, it will get easier and little by little you’ll hone your “curl instinct.” It will take some work, and you may feel that panic more than once, but I assure you, while your curly hair routine may be a bit more “complicated” than your friends with naturally straighter hair, it will become easier. 

With time, you’ll develop your curl instinct and “easier” curly hair will be at your fingertips!

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