“Wash and Go?” You Mean “Wash and Define!”

Elizabeth RUncategorized

Why the term wash and go is misleading

The Wash and Go curly hair concept is a unicorn. It doesn’t exist except in your daydreams. The term is misleading and too often an overused hashtag. I prefer “Wash and Define,” and here’s why. 

I used to laugh when I first got into this industry. Devacurl called their wash and go method “The 3 Step.” Are you kidding me? Really, are you kidding me? The concept of “washing and going” is a joke. In reality, one person’s 3 step is another’s 5 step, and maybe even an 8 step for someone else, depending on their curl type, porosity, length, damage, and so much more.

So I started specializing in breaking it all down. Why? Because just squishing product into your wet hair isn’t what gets it done. You need to shampoo your hair and cleanse the scalp. You need to section your hair. You need to know what your hair feels like when it’s moisturized correctly. You need the right products. And you need to get those products right up to your roots.

That’s waaaay more than 3 steps. That’s a “wash and keep on going.”

So, yes, the Wash and Go curly hair routine is a unicorn. Do you want volume in your hair? It’s definitely not going to happen in 3 steps. Do you want definition in your hair? You cannot wash and go, unless you have a magical shampoo that defines your curls. Are there some 3-steppers out there? Sure. Some curlfriends can pare it down and minimize their steps, especially those with shorter hair and looser curls. 

It takes time – and patience – to figure out the best curl routine for you. You have to wash and go the distance. I’m here to help you do just that.