3 Curly Hair Conditioner Myths Busted

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Here's how to condition your naturally curly hair

My friend, Jess Fitzpatrick, of Beyond Texture, calls it “conditioning with intention.”  To set your curls up for success, you have to know what’s best for you and sometimes it’s counter to what we *think* we’re *supposed* to do. We’ve talked about scrubbing your head like you mean it. Now let’s talk about the best ways to condition your naturally curly hair. Here’s 3 curly hair conditioner myths busted. 

Myth: Leave the Conditioner In.

Nope. Rinse that conditioner out.

Lately, I’ve been telling most of my clients to rinse their conditioner out of their hair completely. Yes, we were taught 10 years ago to leave a tad bit of conditioner in there for the extra moisture, but that leftover conditioner can often create an incredible amount of buildup near the scalp… hence that blog about washing your hair like you mean it. 

What happens is we tend to rinse too much conditioner from the ends, and too much stays near the scalp. And truthfully, the “leave it in” method is dated to me. 

Myth: More Product = More Moisture.

Wrong. You should be conditioning, not coating, your hair. 

Once your hair is completely rinsed of conditioner, if you want add conditioner back into your hair, make it a scant amount. I mean very little, barely anything, just a touch. And that conditioner goes on your ends, not near your scalp. You can also go to your leave in conditioner, but spray it in lightly!

Bottom line, the best curly hair products are so effective now, less is really more. And if you’re using the curl products I’ve introduced you to, they’re as clean as possible, incredibly effective and love your curls as much as I do. 

Myth: Curl Creams are Conditioners.

Wrong again! Never compensate with creams.

Instead of conditioning hair properly to begin with, I see a lot of naturally curly clients compensating with curl cream. Creams can be great for styling, but guess what? They’re not a replacement for cleansing and conditioning properly.

Creams are not conditioners. Repeat after me…

Curly Hair Conditioner Myths: Busted!

Learning how to condition your naturally curly hair takes time and patience. And while those Tik Tok hair tutorials are fun to watch, they don’t replace the years of training a curl specialist undergoes before you even sit down in their chair. So, set aside the myths, work on your method and developing your instinct, and learn how to condition – and love – the curls you’re with.