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Tip #1: Use Your Damn Curly Hair Products!

We love you. But, as specialists, we spend a lot of time talking to you about proper curly hair product usage. And you spend a lot of time soaking up all that information. But then you come back two or four or eight months later… and you tell us you aren’t using your products. 
We hear it all. The. Time. Here’s 5 reasons why you should use your damn curly hair products.Innersense Organic Beauty hair products
#1: Without them, your curls won’t reach their potential
You listen to us, learn your curl lessons and then we tailor products to your hair type. Products to help you get to the next level of your curl journey. Products to help you create something better for yourself. A routine you can stick to. A regimen to bring the health back to your curls. If you’re not using the damn products, it ain’t gonna happen!
#2: You invested in curl care, not shower decor
Those gorgeous, clean curl products aren’t cheap, but pay for themselves over and over when used in conjunction with the education we give you. You have the means, pull the trigger and happily take home a Kindred Curl bag full of incredible product that you just decorate a shower with? That’s a waste of liquid gold. You PAID us for a curl success experience, and that includes how to use those damn products.Olaplex curly hair treatment
#3. We all get lazy. Get over it
We all go through cycles. Some days we’re on, some days we’re off. But as curlies, one thing we know is collectively better for all of us is Olaplex. Like coffee, we’re all better on it. So if you have an off few days, forgive yourself and go back on the bottle at least every two weeks.
#4: Curl care is a commitment, not a fling
So maybe #1 through #3 aren’t you. Maybe you DO use your products here and there, but if you’re not using them correctly, you’re not in it for the long haul. Not really working that cleanser into your scalp? Guilty. Not taking the time to massage your conditioner in? Guilty. If you aren’t taking the time to nourish the relationship with your hair, you might as well be pouring that product money down the drain.

Kindred Curl Shopper Arya
The cutest little curl shopper ever, Arya!

#5. You deserve it
Especially with everything going on right now. Your curl care gives you a little safe space in life, a little “Me” time to look forward to. Whether it’s treating yourself to that Olaplex treatment or taking that extra minute of putting that damn gel on your hair. We may be going a little deep here, but that few minutes of indulgence means you’re going to feel better, you’re going to rock that crown and you’re going to uplift everyone else throughout the day. It’s called the butterfly effect. Be a damn butterfly.
And just use your damn products.
We want you to practice using your products right. We’re all on some sort of journey. No one is right all the time, and all of us are wrong at least some of the time. Bottom line is, we don’t want you to pay for products that are so awesome but just staring at you from your shelf or closet or shower.
Please use your damn products. And do your best to do them right. And when you can’t, we are always here for you.

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