Our People 

Kelly Anker

Kelly is Kindred Curl’s Owner, Head Stylist, Dream Maker, and Fierce and Fearless Leader. She started the salon in 1997, but her heart for positivity and inclusivity was established long before that. For proof that public television changes hearts and minds: despite growing up in a not-very-diverse neighborhood, Kelly learned to notice and appreciate diversity and inclusivity by watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood; she dreamed of creating a space of her own where people from all walks of life could come together and feel welcome and comfortable.

Meghann Walsh

Meghann made a big career change and joined Kelly behind the chair. Yes, this former incredible pastry chef is officially an apprentice! We’re having so much fun training, teaching and inspiring this curly beauty – and former client turned friend. It’s been incredibly gratifying watching Meghann’s creativity bloom.⁠ Another set of skilled hands frees Kelly up to concentrate on specialized curl cuts, while Meghann works her magic at the bowl.

Already Meghann has mastered Original Moxie Moisture Detoxes and hosted our very first Teen Night. Look forward to more appointment openings and easier treatment-only bookings!

The Animals on Our Team


Daxton Harry, aka Dax, is a Goldendoodle born on June 14, 2016. He has a noble posture, lovely picture pose, and a pink nose. He is not a morning dog, but once he’s up, he loves to play hard and snuggle harder (especially with our dog-loving clients). His guilty pleasure is a Starbucks Pupuccino.


Lady Fergie Tallulah Belle, aka FiFi, is Cavapoo+ (DNA analysis pending) born on May 24, 2019. She is the youngest (and quietest) member on our team and has a demure, dreamy gaze. FiFi loves Starbucks Pupuccinos, sticks, and balls! Though she may seem shy when you meet her, play ball with her and she will love you fur-ever!


Helix the Cat is a middle-aged blue-eyed Sphynx. He is soft as velvet, a charming ladies’ man, and can sometimes be found wearing sweaters over his svelte physique. As a youth, he nearly lost an eye; we’re happy that he didn’t…but if any cat could rock an eye patch, it would be Helix! His guilty pleasures include bonito flakes and getting a little too friendly under the dryers, if you let him!

Although Helix is retired and spends most of his time at home now, he will occasionally make an appearance in salon!

Join our team!

Could This Be You? 

Yes, it totally could! We’re in search of a new Curl Assistant! Kindred Curl is Pittsburgh’s only woman owned, social justice mission based, organics first, naturally curly hair salon.

We work as a team, allowing our clients to receive better service (that means no commission!). We enjoy our work and help one another stay on schedule, reducing our own worries, and delivering a better service experience for the client. If you’re interested in working alongside a nationally recognized curl specialist, visit our Careers and Opportunities page to tell us more.