Curly Kid Haircuts Elevate Curl Consciousness!

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Kindred Curl Salon loves curly kid haircuts!

Yes, we love doing curly kid haircuts! When you bring your child into Kindred Curl for a specialized curl haircut, you’re raising their curl consciousness. You’re also setting your naturally curly kid up for a lifetime of curl success. Here’s why teaching your child how to care for and love the curls they’re with is one of our core values.  … Read More

3 Curly Hair Conditioner Myths Busted

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Here's how to condition your naturally curly hair

My friend, Jess Fitzpatrick, of Beyond Texture, calls it “conditioning with intention.”  To set your curls up for success, you have to know what’s best for you and sometimes it’s counter to what we *think* we’re *supposed* to do. We’ve talked about scrubbing your head like you mean it. Now let’s talk about the best ways to condition your naturally … Read More

Why You Should Scrub Your Head

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Why you should scrub your head like you mean it!

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is not scrubbing their head enough. Can you imagine if you wore the same shirt for three days and then you threw it in the wash machine on “delicate?” Here’s 5 reasons you should scrub your head like you mean it. 1. Your hair is no different than that 3-day tee shirt. … Read More

Develop Your Instinct for Easy Curly Hair

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Easy curly hair comes with instinct and practice!

What does “easy curly hair” mean to you? If you’re a new client, you may come to me and say “I want something easy.” We’re launching your curl journey, we’re at the dawn of your curl education, and your instincts aren’t there yet. You’re often clueless when it comes to your natural curls (that’s totally okay and why I’m here!), … Read More

Why The Kindred Curl Cut Is Your Ideal Curly Haircut

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Sometimes, when clients sit down in my chair, they’ll ask for a specific curly haircut. Maybe it’s a “Rezocut,” a “DevaCut,” a “Curl by Curl” cut, a “Head Shape Matters” cut, or Joe Miguel’s “Precision Curl Cut.” But the “Kindred Curl Cut” is the ideal haircut for one reason: YOU! Here’s how we take the best of all of these … Read More

We Now Carry K18 Hair Repair Treatment!

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K18 Hair Repair

Kindred Curl Salon now carries K18 Hair Repair! K18 Biometric Hairscience products reverse damage in just 4 minutes with a promise: “Hair like new, no matter what you put it through.” And we’ve put our hair through a lot, haven’t we? The K18 peptide mimics the genome of human hair. It restores broken keratin chains and disulfide bonds broken through … Read More

Are predictable curls possible? They are!

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How to get predictable curls

Have you seen the TikTok where a curl friend acts out a convo with someone who says “I love your hair, you should wear it like that all the time”… and she says back to herself, “I have no control over this. No two days are the same. You never know what you’re going to wake up with.” I totally … Read More

October 2019 Newsletter: Let Team Kindred Curl help you have BOO-tiful curls!

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PSL + Beauty Sleep = Curls for Days! It’s officially fall, or, as some of you might celebrate it: Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL)  season. So here at Kindred Curl, we’ve decided to combine the PSL mania with one of the most-often-asked questions we get: “What’s the best way to get beauty sleep with my curls?” A lot of factors go … Read More

September Newsletter: Happy Birthday to the Kindred Curl Team!

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Happy Birthday to Kelly…and Danielle…AND Janaya! Break out ALL the curly birthday candles, because the entire (human) Kindred Curl Team celebrates a birthday in September (Dax is in June, Helix is in October!).  Affectionately known as the FFBV’s (Female First Born Virgos) they’re not only Virgos, but ALL these ladies are FIRST BORN Virgos. Even Janaya’s daughter Colette is a … Read More

Book signing with Lorraine Massey

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Kelly Elaine Inc. is known for hosting life altering events for the salon professional and for consumers. Event attendees always leave with a full heart and a head full of knowledge.