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Goodbye 2020, Grieving and Gratitude

Kindred Curl Salon

Hindsight is soooo 2020. Goodbye 2020, you can bite me.
Let’s take the good from what we can in 2020 and grieve the rest. A lot of things sucked, but on the flip side, not everything sucked. I’m trying to look at everything as “falling together” rather than “falling apart.”
Normally, my spin on things is positive. But I can’t possibly say goodbye 2020 and skip into 2021 with my business shut down AND be all roses and heart eyes emojis. I can’t NOT acknowledge the reality of what is happening. 
This is some hard stuff we are going through. HARD. As I write this, the death toll in the United States is 343k and counting. That’s hard to say. Even harder to comprehend.
I do, however, appreciate the following, and these things aren’t hard to say:

  • My family and friends have all stayed healthy, although “Happy” is a bit relative right now.
  • I see the good of people helping each other.
  • I have a new home, which I thought my animal family and I would be living in by now. We’re not quite yet, but we will. 
  • I LOVE you ALL and thank you for all of your support.

Goodbye 2020. Let’s SLAM the door and make sure last year is hit in its ass on the way out. Let’s be kind, be aware and be cognizant of a new year unlike any new year before. And let’s hold its hand (and each other) to make sure 2021 doesn’t grow up and start drinking early. 
Feel my virtual hugs and always know I am here for my friends, my curly hair clients and my peers. I’d love to hear how you said goodbye 2020 and if any slamming doors were involved. Stay safe and wear your F-ing mask. 

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