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Ring(let) in the New Year With a Curly Resolution

The New Year is almost here! And with it the opportunity for a round of resolution-making. 
We asked our private Kindred Curl Facebook group what their hair-related goals are for 2020. Read on for a selection of their answers…

  • I want to grow my curls! I’m excited to see what they look like long now that they’re healthy and loved.”  (Violeta)


  • “Mastering my second and third day restyle without pulling it up, if possible!” (Tara)


  • I’d like to discover my natural hair color. Who knows, I may like it!” (Rachel)


  • “I’m determined to find the right combo using the least amount of products possible!” (Jackie)


  • I’d like to have good two-day hair.” (Staci)


  • “Continue to love my natural color and hair…and be an advocate for natural hair and products!” (Nicole)


  • Try and use the least amount of styling products as possible and figure out how to make my hairstyle last while traveling.” (Amber)


  • Try to get the best two+ day hair possible.” (Allisha)


  • “I’m going to resolve to get haircuts more frequently and not chop it myself in between!” (Susan)

What does our team want you to keep in mind as you go into a New Year?
Kelly says: “I want our clients take that moment or two to focus on themselves and utilize what I know they know to make themselves look and feel beautiful.” 
Janaya says: “I want our clients to enjoy the styling process more when they have the extra time to play. You can make a lot of discoveries when you have a bit more fun and approach it with an open mind!” 
Danielle says: “I’d like our clients to see their hair (and themselves!) the way everyone else does. We always have a worse opinion of our looks than others do. Please stop being so hard on yourselves and recognize your own beauty!
Do these resonate with you? Want to rock your best curls in 2020? Kindred Curl can help. We will be back in the salon January 3rd, ready to support you in your resolutions!

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