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Tips from a Product Connoisseur

Can you relate to your pre-Kindred Curl life driving you to desperate Google searches? Our client Jackie Sabo says, “I’d probably be bald if it weren’t for Kindred Curl!” After a keratin treatment + highlights left her hair falling out, Jackie sought out a curly salon to help her learn to love her natural hair. Enter Kelly and Kindred Curl!
Jackie credits Kelly with completely transforming her hair, which she says “has been through as much as [her] damn body has!”
Now, she is one of our fiercest clients. She has openly battled eating disorders and alcoholism to build a sober life she loves. Jackie is inspired and inspiring! She is currently the office manager at her husband’s podiatry practice, The Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, a registered nurse, a mother of two, and a Beach Body coach. (You can find her on IG and FB ).
Those of us on the Kindred Curl Facebook group know Jackie’s curls through her frequent product troubleshooting and feedback posts. Some might say Jackie is a product junkie…but we like to think of her as a “product connoisseur.” If we have ever stocked it on our shelves, chances are Jackie has tried it, has an opinion on it, and is happy to share it with you. We love her for this, btw!
She rocked long curls for a while, but after doing a big chop last year, Jackie faced a whole new styling challenge that went along with her makeover. Check out her video to see what she’s using now.

Trial and error, persistence, Original Moxie, and Olaplex for the win! Thanks for sharing, Jackie!

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