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Are You Suffering From Aquatic Amnesia?

Are you suffering from aquatic amnesia? In spite of nodding along to that part of their curly education, adding enough water (hint: it’s more than you think it is!) is probably the number one thing our clients forget.
Just as drinking enough water is vital to keeping the inside of your body working and feeling right, adding enough water to your washing, conditioning, and styling routine is vital for your hair, too. Water hydrates, encourages your curls, distributes product, and promotes clumping.
Yep, this is the part where you’re nodding…you know all this! But are you putting it into practice? Really? (Take it from us…you’re probably not!)
So refill your spray bottles and let one of our clients, Nicole, walk you through another reminder:

Nicole Willis grew up in Ohio, moved to Los Angeles for college, and currently lives and works in Pittsburgh as a higher-ed administrator at CMU, where she supports, advises, and guides students coming into and out of the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program. She’s also a long-time, active volunteer with the American Legion Auxiliary California Girls State program.
Nicole found Kindred Curl through a stylist-friend’s recommendation around the time she decided to go organic/natural with her hair. Though she was voted “Best Hair” in high school, she says it took her many years to make peace with her hair; Kindred Curl has supported her in her curly journey and helped her fall in love with her curls.
Nicole lives in Swissvale with her partner Nicholas and their two rescue cats, Charlie and Hunter. You can follow her on Instagram.

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