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Curly Kid Haircuts Elevate Curl Consciousness

Kindred Curl Salon loves curly kid haircuts!

Yes, we love doing curly kid haircuts! When you bring your child into Kindred Curl for a specialized curl haircut, you’re raising their curl consciousness. You’re also setting your naturally curly kid up for a lifetime of curl success. Here’s why teaching your child how to care for and love the curls they’re with is one of our core values. 

It’s More than Just a Haircut

My entire career (over three decades now!) I’ve always thought it was very important to cut children’s hair to the best of my ability and to the best of what they would be able to sit still for. So that’s what I always did. 

I would take just as much time and do just the same precision haircuts on their heads as I did everyone else. It was never “just a kid’s haircut.”  I never looked at it as “squirt them down, cut the bangs, trim around the ears and chop some off” like the kids’ haircuts you see in the strip mall chain stores which charged way less. 

And I would always try to teach parents how to take care of their child’s hair.

Curly Kid Haircuts = Knowledge That Grows With Your Child

Fast forward 30 years and I am a solo artist at Pittsburgh’s first woman-owned curly hair salon. And I still take the time to teach parents how to care for their curly kid’s hair. And I teach the kiddos, too. 

My curly kids (and their parents) get the same lessons, the same treatment, and the same attention as my adult clients do. I do my best to ensure both child and parent are engaged, listening, and feeling in their hair what I am teaching. 

Raising the world’s curl consciousness

Early curl education is one of Kindred Curl’s core values. It’s never too early to teach curly kids to love the curls they’re with and how to achieve their best curl possible. While parents have the difficult job of raising mindful, empathetic and imaginative children, it’s my job – and honor – to help our little ones, pre-teens and teens, raise their curl consciousness.

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