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A Back to School Haircut with Heart

Girl with her dad in front of salon

Our young curly hair clients are often our favorite curly hair clients! This summer, Rosslyn’s back to school haircut touched our hearts! Here’s why:

Rosslyn, before her back to school haircut!

Yes, we cut kids’ curls!

We cut LOTS of curly kids, and we LOVE doing it! Why do we love our younger clientele? Wee ones, pre-teens and teens bring such great energy through the door. They literally light up the salon, plus they love the dogs, the snacks and the hot cocoa in the winter, and need we say “hood dryer?” And of course, Dax and Fifi love the littles back and are super generous with the puppy kisses and cuddles. Kids are like lightning bolts of love the entire time they’re in salon… plus we get to catch up on the latest apps, games, trends and styles (we’ve even learned how to make friendship bracelets!). Yep, the littles help us earn our hip cards back!

We make mornings easier!

Usually parents and guardians bring in the young curlies around this time every summer for their back to school haircut. They (parents, guardians and kiddos) are eager to learn how to love the curls they’re with before school starts. And the back to school haircut is so important for curly kids because curly hair holds so many challenges. So knowing what to do with THAT HAIR makes mornings so much easier. While some of us have buried away our past hair trauma way deep inside, I’d bet most of us remember the horror stories, tears and tantrums of middle school mornings. Most of us only wish we had a back to school haircut like this.

Whether it’s a back to school haircut or not, pre-teens like Rosslyn typically come in with an eagerness to learn and a curiosity about their curls. They’re usually ready to ditch the morning drama of fighting their hair, and they also really, really want to sleep in a few minutes longer, so anything that helps them smooth out their morning (pun intended) and keeps them in bed that much longer is worth it to them and considered valuable education to the adults in the house. We’re grateful for the parents and guardians that *get* this and come to us for help.

A dad and daughter walk into a curly hair salon

When Lyon brought his daughter, Rosslyn, in, we were excited to sit down with her. She has incredible, dark curls and such a beautiful smile. Her back to school haircut was going to be so much more than just being ready when the bell rings. She needed to learn how to love those curls she’s with. In fact, they both did.

They do because Rosslyn’s mother is facing her own battle. And while the wife and mother fights her fight, Lyon and Rosslyn must look ahead. They have to plan for those school mornings when mom can’t help Rosslyn with those beautiful curls she helped to create. Some days dad might not be there either. But Lyon knows his daughter has to move forward. Rosslyn’s mother knows, too. 

That’s a lot for little girl to deal with. It’s a lot for anyone to deal with, whether it’s you or someone close to you. And Rosslyn’s story touched our hearts because we’ve been marked by cancer, too. 

A back to school haircut launches a curl journey

Rosslyn learned how to love the curls she’s with. We gave her precious little moon bangs and a sweet little bob that will make mornings a little less stressful and maybe even allow her a few more ZZZZs before the alarm goes off. Rosslyn received lots of love from Dax, too, and he received lots of kisses in return.

We loved our visit with Rosslyn. She gifted us energy, she gifted us a view of the warrior within, she gifted us eagerness and curiosity, and of course, she gifted us that smile. Because giving back to our community is one of our core values, we gifted Rosslyn her New Curly Haircut Success Experience. Her bravery and light are lessons we can all learn from. 

Rosslyn, we’re honored to help launch your curl journey and promise to be here whenever you need us!

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