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Tara and Kelly talk growing hair length and product fusion

Meet my client, Tara. She is one of the earliest Curly Girl clients I worked on after I received training. Tara is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and actually worked for Kelly Elaine Inc. for a period of time and has become like family. As you know, family tells you like it is, and Tara is no different. She is a very discerning client and LOVES her DevaCurl, but like a lot of us, it is a bit more challenging to get her to even look at other curl friendly products, regardless if they are recommended by her personal stylist who has multiple levels of training with Deva. (Lorriane Massey, Curly Hair Artistry and even taught for Curly Hair Artistry.)
Shape Shifter has been flying out of the salon like bacon on a Sunday morning buffet! The reviews have been ecstatic from such a wide variety of hair types. On a recent appointment, I insisted Tara purchase Original Moxie Shape Shifter. I told her it was a game changer!
Tara has been using the Shape Shifter for 3 months, and added it to her strictly-Deva routine. While at her appointment this week, she sat down in my chair and had a revaluation. She thinks she is going to be able to grow her out again because she is achieving more volume and curl close to the root with the addition of Original Moxie Shape Shifter. For comparison, Tara has a very fine texture hair and on the finer side of a nice medium amount of hair. So in the past, as she grows her hair, the weight of the curl pulls the hair down and very flat at the root. Full disclosure: Tara’s hair alter ego is Diana Ross. So there is no amount of Shape Shifter that will ever give her Diana Ross hair, but it has made Tara a much happier girl and has given her the possibility of being able to grow her hair longer before her wedding in July 2015.

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