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Cult + King: You Dropped It, So We’re Dropping It Back

Cult and King at Kindred Curl Salon

We’re Cult + King fanatics. We carry the entire line and we’re proud of it. The brand defends the planet, supports independent salons like us and makes people look rad without poisoning them in the process. Plus, ever see hand sanitizer look more rock and roll?

Oh, and Cult & King has NO Amazon sellers either, so indie salons like ours don’t have to struggle to compete with Prime shipping (major gold stars on that one). And the brand is all about tossing our throwaway culture to the wind so everything comes with refills, and many of the brand’s faves are in gorgeous (recyclable and refillable) glass bottles.

Gorgeous glass bottles that klutzes like us break every now and then. So we decided to turn your tile and tub “holy craps” into a little perk of sorts. Here’s our Kindred Curl “Drop the King and Become a Queen” guarantee:

If you drop a Cult + King product you purchased from us and it shatters to shards on your floor, take a picture before grabbing the broom. Show us your pic the next time you come into Kindred Curl and we’ll toss you 10% off your replacement Cult + King purchase.

Cult and King bottleIt’s the least we can do.

It’s not your fault you’re sometimes a klutz. We are too.

So don’t cry over spilled glass. On the flip side, glass is easier recycled than plastic, so the occasional dropped King is waaaaaay better than the Queen filling up a landfill with plastics that aren’t being recycled.

So know that if you drop your King, we’re droppin’ it back. 

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