Curls In Bloom Curl Clinic

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Tuesday July, 15,2014 we had another Curl Clinic for our curlies. Lessons were taught, demo’s were done, fun was had. A thing that I have started and will continue to do at curl clinics is for people to go through their routine set- by minuscule step. This is always a great moment for newbies and veterans. I love to hear … Read More

Get Your Skin Summer Ready with These 5 Tips

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Summer is coming! Is your skin ready for the beach? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed at scelerisque magna. Praesent tincidunt fringilla auctor. Donec ac pellentesque nunc. Aliquam volutpat mollis leo in laoreet: Pellentesque nec felis ac purus aliquet vestibulum ut sed tellus. Nunc sit amet sollicitudin augue. Praesent elit tortor, aliquet sit amet ligula a, aliquet … Read More